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“Blind Temptations” the seduction of lies, sex and betrayal is a juicy saga of three friends that will leave you gasping for air. The characters in this book are hell bent on vengeance, treachery, power trips, seduction and sexual deception that will leave you begging for more!

Chante Michaels lives in a fantasy world. She has the perfect job and the perfect family. That is until her husband, Alex Michaels, step out on her with a Tyra Banks look alike, Paris Chere’ Du’Moore who has a little secret of her own that will unleash all kinds of hell.

Karissa Waters would love nothing more than to be accepted by her mother that disowned her when she was only eleven. She meets the heir to a multi-billion dollar oil estate Andre Williamson who wants to give her a lifetime of happiness. Karissa won’t marry him without her mother’s blessings; a woman who makes Mommy Dearest look angelic.

Michelle Ramsey is in love with the devil himself Brandon Thomas. She’s a master at hiding what she doesn’t want people to see like the abuse she endures at Brandon’s unloving hands. Greg Wallace is the man she needs but won’t give a chance because her heart belongs to only one man…Brandon.

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