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lesley hal

Lesley Hal resides in Dallas, Texas and is a six time New York Times bestselling contributing author of “Succulent” Chocolate Flava II. Her short story, Riding the Friendly Skies, was penned as one of the crème de la crème by non other than the queen of erotica herself, Zane. Lesley Hal is also the author of the highly acclaimed novel “Blind Temptations” the Seduction of Sex, Lies & Betrayal. The anticipated sequel is currently underway. Her second book, Pleasure Principles, is now available wherever books are sold. Pleasure Principles is an electrifying erotic thrill ride featuring Bianca Brooks from the anthology “Succulent” Chocolate Flava II and the short story that started it all, Stormy Weather which was featured in Noire’s online magazine, bestselling author of The G-Spot.

To read short stories like Stormy Weather and to see what’s going on in her world, titles can be purchased at, the author’s site or wherever books are sold.