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**Facebook Proof of Purchase Contest**



Hear about the contest on facebook?

Go to the contact button and submit your proof of purchase information to entered into a drawing to win a basket to set the mood right valued at $200.00! Contest ends September 30th. To see what the basket may look like, look at the picture section and see how Lesley E. Hal awards her readers! The winner will be contacted the next day and a picture of them holding the book and basket will be added to the site.


**Picture will need to be furnished by the winner**


**Give us your two cents contest**


1. What would you have done in Bianca’s position?

2. What did you think about Taylor? Was she selfish or justified in her actions?

3. Were you surprised at all about the identity of Taylor’s lover?

4. If Brandon was your neighbor, would you get involved with him?

5. Who did you want Bianca to end up with and why?

6. Do you feel Reggie and Cody went overboard in protecting Bianca?

7. The real deal behind the reason Bianca was stood up at the altar was it surprising?

8. Even more than the reason for her being stood up, did the person behind all the madness throw you for a loop?

9. Was Taylor’s mother, Anna, wrong for butting into her marriage and taking it upon herself to pay Eric a visit?

10. If you were Bianca, would you have reacted to Taylor’s mother the way she did and if so, why?


Has Bianca learned her lesson? If you think she has why? If you think she hasn’t why?

Send your  answers to for your chance to have her discuss the book at length with your book club at your meeting either in person or by phone. Book clubs selected will receive a special gift from the author to enjoy at the discussion. Not in a book club? Don't worry, individuals entering will also have a chance to win one of Bianca's Pleasure Principle inspired gifts!